Stuck in Sandusky

After shooting an ad for Subaru in New York a couple of weeks ago (which was delayed by severe weather) Sarah and I started to drive from NYC back to Chicago.  En route we hit even more severe weather.  35mph on the freeway with poor visibilty is not my favorite way to travel.  Once the sun went down we got off the road.  Welcome to Sandusky OH.  While stuck in Sandusky we did a quick rewrite of our upcoming travel plans.  The holidays would now be filled with a railway adventure. After that we will be taking our trailer Timmy on the road (if once again the weather doesn't thwart us).  Stay tuned here as well as follow our travel blog Eric & Sarah Go Places for more about this adventure.  In the meantime, here are some beautiful stark landscapes from our layover in Sandusky.

Hudson Scout

Our holiday travels were put a little behind schedule due to weather in the NE.  We were in NYC shooting a new ad for Subaru and Ad Asia.  We needed a snow free environment, but meteorology was not on our side and it snowed like crazy.  While the snow on the ground didn't work for the Subaru shoot, it made for some very pretty scouting shots in the Hudson Valley.