Last walk to work in Chicago.

Relocating from Chicago to Philadelphia was bittersweet.  It's been a few weeks now and it was definitely the right decision, but Chicago had become home for the last couple of years.  It was very enjoyable for me to stroll the little over a mile from our apartment in Bucktown to my shared office space in Logan Square.  I made the walk nearly everyday and I got very used to what I saw as I walked northwest up Milwaukee Avenue.  So during my last week making that walk I tried to really take in, and of course document all the cool little vignettes that I passed.  Here is my walk to work; pictorially.

Road Home to Chicago

Once Sarah and I left Los Angeles, the goal was to get back to Chicago as quickly as possible.  Despite not wanting to get back to the worst winter in Chicago in decades, we had a job to get to in New York.  We decided to fly rather than risk getting stuck in the snow with Timmy so we had to drop him off in Chicago first and make our flights.  The last several days were longer with an average of 8-10 hours of driving a day, but we did manage to stop at a couple of cool places like The Salton Sea and Petrified National Forest for picnics and photos.

Pacific Coast Highway

On our recent road trip, hands down our favorite part of this trip was the four days we spent driving down the Pacific Coast Highway from San Francisco down to Los Angeles.  The route took us through Monterey, which is now one of our favorite places on earth since it is where Sarah and I got engaged, and through Big Sur, another of our favorite places because it is simply amazing.  It's so incredible to have majestic redwood forests adjacent to beautiful beaches.  And, 70 degrees in January was a bit better than the slew of plolar vortices that were attacking Chicago.

Death Valley

Sarah and I had far too little time to spend in Death Valley National Park on our recent cross country trek.  Sarah and I plan to make another trip there dedicating an entire week to it.  We stayed at Furnace Creek Resort where we enjoyed having a drink at the bar and chatting with fellow travelers.  It was here that we learned that the winter weather and road conditions were going to prevent us from making it to Yosemite.  We only had time for one early morning at Zabriskie Point and a leisurly drive through the valley.  On the drive we stopped on the highway for 10 minutes watching two coyotes that were strolling alongside of the road.  At one point I had Sarah let me out of the car so I could run several hundred feet up hill to photograph the valley below and Timmy the Trailer driving through it.  Sarah subsequently got yelled at by the park rangers for stopping on the highway, so she had to keep driving down the road leaving me in the dust.  I was out of breath running to catch up with her.  Worth it.

Monument Valley

Monument Valley was near the top of my list of places to visit on our camper trip.  I've rarely been anywhere so iconic and yet full of history.  I was very excited to introduce Sarah to it.  I had not been there since a road trip i took close to twenty years ago.  It was even more spectacular than I remembered.  I wanted to try and take photos that aren't the typical shot you see from this heavily photographed spot.

Glacier National Park

We had an incredible time staying at the Izaak Walton Inn just outside of Glacier National Park in Montana.  Essex MT is a flag stop along Amtrak's Empire Builder line.  We spent a fantastic New Years trying both snowshoeing and cross country skiing for the first time.  The latter we found much more difficult because gravity and a lack of friction make staying upright a difficult thing.  We made good use of our Think Tank Shapeshifter backpack to keep all of our gear safe from the snow and weather (and falling in the snow) while we were out and about.

Stuck in Sandusky

After shooting an ad for Subaru in New York a couple of weeks ago (which was delayed by severe weather) Sarah and I started to drive from NYC back to Chicago.  En route we hit even more severe weather.  35mph on the freeway with poor visibilty is not my favorite way to travel.  Once the sun went down we got off the road.  Welcome to Sandusky OH.  While stuck in Sandusky we did a quick rewrite of our upcoming travel plans.  The holidays would now be filled with a railway adventure. After that we will be taking our trailer Timmy on the road (if once again the weather doesn't thwart us).  Stay tuned here as well as follow our travel blog Eric & Sarah Go Places for more about this adventure.  In the meantime, here are some beautiful stark landscapes from our layover in Sandusky.