Horseback Riding with Subaru

I just finished my second project with AdAsia and Subaru.  The creative teams were fantastic to collaborate with as usual.  We had some unexpected weather related hurdles to overcome when snowstorm "Electra" hit New York.  But we rose to the challenge and with the help of a great team we created a wonderful final image in which you can't even tell that it's winter.  Big thanks to Nancy at Frog Hollow Farm for furnishing the location and the excellently trained horses (one of whom was an Olympic hopeful).

CDC Quit Smoking

I am so excited to share these images I shot for Golin Harris and the CDC for their quitting smoking campaign.  The campaign featured portraits and interviews with former smokers and non-smokers who have been affected by second hand smoke.  I was never a smoker myself, but meeting all of these people and hearing their stories made me that much more adamantly anti-smoking.  I have urged and continue to urge all my friends and family (anyone for that matter) who still smoke to please quit.

Here is a little bit about each of the people I photographed.

-Bill mixed smoking with diabetes and was forced to have his leg amputated.
-Jameson developed asthma triggered by second hand smoke at the age of 16.
-Michael was diagnosed with COPD at age 44.  He had to have part of his lungs removed.
-Nathan worked in a casino for years and developed severe asthma caused by the second hand smoke.
-Terrie was diagnosed with oral and throat cancer at age 40 and had her larynx removed.

Each of these individuals has a harrowing story about what smoking and cigarette smoke has done to alter their lives forever.  Please visit the CDC website to read more about each of their stories, as well as several others.

Capital One Bank Ad Campaign

I recently finished a great project with TAXI-NYC for Capital One Bank.  The project took me down to Atlanta GA to shoot in a variety of locations, including a brewery, a paint factory, and a firehouse just to name a few.  Getting those large marble letters in place was as hard as it looks. Check out the results and let me know what you think.